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On Clothes and Androgyny

If you had told my younger child self (when I was running around like a crazed little kid) that clothes would become one of the most important aspects of my identity, as well as a insanely efficient mood booster, I would’ve sworn on everything you were wrong.

But it seems I was wrong about that, wasn’t I?

Today, expressing myself through my clothes is some of what keeps me sane. I’ve been fascinated with androgyny for as long as I could remember. At first it was feminine boys and masculine girls that held my fixation, but gradually, it started turning to truly androgynous people. That is, people whose biological sex I truly couldn’t tell.

After my somewhat long detour into the trans community, and thinking I might even transition to the opposite sex, I think I’ve settled on a genderqueer, bigender, or androgyne identity. One of those three, or perhaps something else, the point being, I’m happy in the middle. I like being able to pass for either sex based on the clothes I wear, and I like mixing the two genders in my presentation. It’s great to know that I can pass for whatever I want to on any given day. As my identity shifts, so can my presentation, and this is the reason why clothes are so important to me.

So yes, indeed the clothes definitely make me the (wo)man I am today.