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On My Change of Opinion on Intelligent Design

I’ll be short and to the point.

I used to think Intelligent Design was, well, utter crap. I said to myself, we humans probably are just able to recognize patterns that lead us to believe that the world was designed. Now I’m not so sure. My argument doesn’t seem good anymore; in fact, it’s pretty weak. If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, it probably is a duck. If it looks designed, well, gee, it probably is.

Add that to the fact that I’ve never heard an argument against Intelligent Design that 100% convinced me, and I’m sold on the “Watchmaker” argument being correct.

So, this is where I’m at. I welcome any and all views on this, especially ones that go against my current position. I want to make sure I’m not missing or overlooking anything.


On Clothes and Androgyny

If you had told my younger child self (when I was running around like a crazed little kid) that clothes would become one of the most important aspects of my identity, as well as a insanely efficient mood booster, I would’ve sworn on everything you were wrong.

But it seems I was wrong about that, wasn’t I?

Today, expressing myself through my clothes is some of what keeps me sane. I’ve been fascinated with androgyny for as long as I could remember. At first it was feminine boys and masculine girls that held my fixation, but gradually, it started turning to truly androgynous people. That is, people whose biological sex I truly couldn’t tell.

After my somewhat long detour into the trans community, and thinking I might even transition to the opposite sex, I think I’ve settled on a genderqueer, bigender, or androgyne identity. One of those three, or perhaps something else, the point being, I’m happy in the middle. I like being able to pass for either sex based on the clothes I wear, and I like mixing the two genders in my presentation. It’s great to know that I can pass for whatever I want to on any given day. As my identity shifts, so can my presentation, and this is the reason why clothes are so important to me.

So yes, indeed the clothes definitely make me the (wo)man I am today.

On Improvisation

Recently, I’ve been growing more and more frustrated with songwriting/improvisation. I make up little chord progressions, but I never really get much further. But I realized something.

Improvisation on the piano is the same as improvisation in life. Everyday, we face situations that require us to think on our feet.

I’ve realized something else as of late. Things, especially life, come easier when you relax and have fun. While I stressed about not being to write good songs immediately, countless melodies slipped faded from my mind. It’s like this: if you don’t have fun in life or in music (or whatever your craft is), then what is the point?

No, really, ask yourself: What’s the point without the fun?

Have some fun with it.

On Plato’s Forms and the Watchmaker Argument (On Beauty and Meaning)

So Plato and his Forms have me thinking. He makes a claim that the Forms (the pure essence of something, more or less) of Beauty, Goodness, etc. exist separately. But do they? There’s no real proof for it. There’s no reason to believe it or, especially, know it.

Perhaps I’m stretching this too far, but the idea of the Form of Beauty reminded me, of all things, the (in)famous Watchmaker Argument. (For those who have no idea what it is, it’s basically, “The world is so complex and intricate that it must have been designed.) Why am I relating two seemingly unrelated concepts?

They both search for meaning. The Forms give us these goals to strive for (to know the pure essence of the Form), and the Watchmaker argument is most commonly used to defend Christianity. 

Again, I don’t believe in the Forms; I don’t believe that a separate Form of Beauty exists. And I don’t think that beauty and complexity imply design. The way I see it, it’s our search for meaning that creates both beauty and our creator. We want things to mean something, instead of living in a harsh world where little makes sense. So we created our gods, at first by personifying and then praying to forces of nature, and we created art, which often has great meaning to the artist.

I’ll say it again: our search for meaning created our creator, and if all we have to go on is faith, than perhaps we should redirect or search elsewhere. As always, comments are welcome! (Come on, make my day and comment.)

(P.S. I apologize if this is scattered, it’s still far too early at 10 AM to be coherent.)


A Thought On Writer’s Block

Why not write about a writer who has writer’s block? Is the writer on the bestseller’s list, but frustrated about their lack of creativity? Or are they struggling to pay the rent because they can finish that last chapter?

Or to take it a step further, perhaps write about yourself and how you will cure yourself of writer’s block. Will you go on an adventure, big or small? Or will you simply wait it out?