Book Recommendation: “Then We Came to the End” by Joshua Ferris


For those of you looking for a reading fix with a mix of dark and light humor, I have just the book for you. Then We Came to the End reminds me of the hit show The Office in such a way that the book could be considered the show’s darker, more ironic twin. The near invisible narrator draws you into his (her?) world of office antics and office sorrows as the employees of an ad agency balance their fear of the impending lay-offs, their own crises, and the conflicting, yet simultaneous senses camaraderie and disliking that they feel for one another in this excellent first novel by Joshua Ferris.

While on the surface it appears to be a somewhat comedic story (and don’t get me wrong, some parts will have you laughing out loud), the story’s deeper parts force the reader to confront genuine emotions, and might even bring a tear or two.

In all, Then We Came to the End is an excellent read that I would recommend to anyone, but I especially recommend it to those who enjoy satire with a real point laying underneath.

(P.S. If anyone has a must-read book, reply the name in the comments.)


3 thoughts on “Book Recommendation: “Then We Came to the End” by Joshua Ferris

  1. Alice

    I would totally check this out, but the library I go to doesn’t have it. :\ Oh well, hopefully they will soon! As for other book recommendations, I suggest Howl’s Moving Castle and Going Bovine. Both by different authors, and I’m so bad with author names, I can’t say them right now without messing them up or getting them wrong. Anywho, both are good. The first is amazing and magical and all sorts of things, and the second helps you see things from a different view and breaks your heart.


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